Serikos 1984 @ Milano Unica textile fair

Serikos1984, the historical Made in Italy Como-based creator of fabrics for the high fashion market joins Attilio Imperiali, generating a unique synergy of skills, experience, manufacturing capabilities and textile products for an international clientele.

Serikos was founded in 1984 in Como – Italy – as a company driven by a strong passion and desire to combine textile creativity with the maximum level of attention for detail and quality.
A company dedicated to customer satisfaction through made to order product development processes, unique and cutting-edge collections, and fast, efficient and punctual service.
At his debut, Serikos 1984 initially dedicated itself to the market of shirts and ties for men, and then immediately also entered women’s clothing, high fashion and dresses channel.
Over time, the company further expands his offer and begins to collaborate with the most renowned fashion brands, and it develops the best solutions to be offered on the market.

Over the years it has expanded and evolved from a small and precious artisan manufacture to a structured company with cutting-edge machinery and digitized control systems: at the end of the 90’s it operates on national and international territory, not only in Europe – with a particular success in France, England and Eastern countries – but also in the United States and the Far East (Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan).

One by one, a lot of skilled professional figures joined the company and in 2019 one of the worldwide leaders of silk fabrics Tessitura Attilio Imperiali acquired Serikos 1984.
A strategic choice based on the continuous research and improvement idea, focused on the goal of optimizing and expanding the offer proposed to an increasingly demand of a sophisticated target.

We believe that through the acquisition of Serikos1984, an important textile company specializing in sophisticated yarn-dyed jacquard fabrics, printed products and articles of plain yarn, we will be able to grow as a Group in the national and international markets of the clothing channel not only high-end but also casual. and streetwear. ”- says Alessandra Imperiali, CEO and fourth generation of Tessitura Attilio Imperiali.

Serikos1984 today offers versatile, innovative, unique fabrics that range in different fields and that make use of particular techniques, often coming from different sectors. And so, for example, a particular embroidery for mattresses on a fabric for a women’s dress is developed, or the workings of car seats are replicated or three-dimensional processes to give life to special fabrics, or even the inspiration is taken from waterproofing. of a bag to offer increasingly unique and difficult to replicate fabrics, to satisfy the product customization increasingly requested by high-end brands.

This is the real workhorse of Serikos 1984: the ability to “challenge” the originality and exclusivity of customer requests by satisfying them in a short time, thanks to the enormous textile archive available, up-to-date technical skills and in different textile channels. , and a large portfolio of specialist suppliers.
A heritage built with time and experience.

In a gradual creative process and with the contribution of the new owner, Serikos1984 today combines professional resources who have been working in the company for some time also younger figures, who can give their contribution and their current vision, especially in offices such as that of style. / product development, to give the company an always up-to-date face and vision.

From a multi-channel perspective, Serikos1984 offers its proposals not only through its own sales network, but also online, making available the vision of its collections and fabrics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: all through a special dedicated web platform accessible by simply entering your name and e-mail address. Not only that: consultation of the collections and fabrics yes, but also free sample orders all over the world with a simple click, to meet the need for speed in terms of research and increasing feedback from high fashion brands.

Through the union and synergy of two so specialized and unique realities, Serikos1984 and Tessitura Attilio Imperiali – which still maintain their own distinct identity – customers have the opportunity to choose from the widest collections of fabrics, which are identified by quality. aesthetics and well-made products.

Serikos 1984
Serikos 1984

FTV Press - 31 Luglio 2022