Casato Gioielli

CASATO jewelry get their inspiration from the continue search of a harmony between shapes, colors and space.
An ideal balance between elegance, charme and seduction, all jewels are piece of art ready to wear.  Unusual combination between hidden details and non-common volumes, give to all CASATO collections a strong personality. 
Jewelry made for women who have clear in their mind what is the meaning of Italian creativity. Perfect assumption for a new luxury vision, the brand arise between the synergy from fashion and jewelry, for the sake of a modern and elegant woman to celebrate femininity in all her possible shapes.

“Jewelry designed to make every woman look more beautiful”. 
This was the dream that Federico Gauttieri had in his mind, when he created CASATO, in 2004. Expert gemologist, art lover and refined beauty seeker in everything, he declared his work to be a celebration to every woman’s beauty, and he dedicated all his attention to make little piece of art out of every jewel he made, to make every woman feel more proud of herself.

Every creation are characterized from the typical CASATO style, which is making of every jewel a special piece, genuine manufacture and high quality. CASATO jewelry is easily recognizable, miniature piece of art, made of many little details.

The dragonfly is the icon of the brand. Chosen as a visual and distinctive sign, to symbolize transformation, is always included in CASATO jewelry as a detail. Symbol of elegance and lightness, the dragonfly is also a recall to harmony and simplicity.

All CASATO collections are getting inspiration from different ideas and moods. Designed with the objective to pursue perfection and to build a world made of unforgettable and unmistakable jewelry. Every piece is made in 18 kt gold, with diamonds and other precious stones, all of them selected and cleverly combined, paying attention to the quality and different color tones.

Casato Gioielli

FTV Press - 1 Ottobre 2022